"Bone is one of those artists who can immediately transport you to a different place.... who can pull you into the world his songs are painting. It's an amazing experience to work in the studio with him because there is this unspoken message and guidance that is being channelled through his songs which directs our every decision. It's much more than the notes played or the words sung....it cannot be explained with words. Bone has a gift."

Michael Starita, 2 time GRAMMY®/Latin Grammy 

recognized producer, engineer and artist, San Francisco, California, USA

"When Mother Earth Cries" Film/Music Documentary Coming Soon..

Bone Lhamo Kyap grew up in the Gannan highland of Gansu, located between Tibet, Mongolia and the Huangtu high ground. The landscape encompasses galloping rivers, towering snow topped mountains, vast desert and fertile grassland. His music expresses the natural and pure life of that diverse region. It recalls the soul of his ancestors, the Sangemao tribe of his heritage (an ancient tribe of Tibetan nation in the south of Gansu). 

Through his films and videos, Bone depicts the vast and awe-inspiring landscape of his homeland, awakening his audience to the power and beauty of nature. Choosing to sing in his Grandmother's native tongue, a language that is endangered and will soon be extinct, he preserves a vital part of a unique culture. In his live performances and music recordings, Bone also incorporates elements from the Native American tradition, such as Navajo flutes. His intention is to connect with a greater universal spirit that can move and enliven listeners from all over the world. 


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