J O I N   U S 

For a home energy changing,

Soul awakening,

Heart opening,

Community building,

Intimate gathering.

W E   A R E   H E R E 

Keep reading for more information..


Bone Lhamo Kyap comes from the highland mountainous area of Northwest China, Gansu Province, which borders Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang Provinces. In history, the Northern Silk Road ran through the Hexi Corridor in the North of Gansu. His music reflects this rich tapestry of cultural influences.

Bone was raised by his Grandma. Her ancestors are an ancient ethnic minority tribe, called Sangemao, who live in the south of Gansu, Choni area. The spirit of the land and the soul of those people inspire him deeply, with the spirit of Mother Earth and the illumination of the Divine. He chooses to sing in that ancient tribe's language as it will soon become extinct.

In his Music Medicine sessions, Bone channels a potent message and powerful healing vibrations thorough his voice and instuments. He has a unique gift that he is passionate to share with all who seek inner peace and transformation. 


"The medicine is here.

This journey, 
I call it 

H E A L I N G."



T H E   D E T A I L S


We suggest arranging and booking the date with us at least 2 weeks in advance.

Suggested flat rate fee for your home healing concert: $300 - $500
By donation: Invite your friends to contribute to the event.

W E   P R O V I D E:

All music equipment including microphone and amplifier.
Optional homemade local traditional dishes from Bone's home town region.
(Cold Carrot, Cucumber and Wood Ear Mushroom dishes with Steamed Bread)
Chinese Tea.

Y O U  P R O V I D E

Electrical power outlet (for Bone's equipment).
Comfortable seating and cushions for you and your friends.
Additional beverages and snacks.

T H A N K   Y O U

with Love..

Listen to the sound,
you may rise again.

When the dawn is coming,
plant the seeds in your own heart.

In truth,
In light,
You are not alone anymore..

"Together Bone and Laura curated a powerfully immersive multisensory journey with their thoughtful use of interesting objects,
delicious food and heart expanding music.
As guests, we were willingly transported to a deeper understanding not only of Bone’s beautiful homeland but also to our True Self.
We are so very grateful to have shared this moment.
I would highly recommend this multisensory experience to anyone wanting a more powerful way to encounter music, and to build connection and community." 



"Time flies so fast. I haven't had time to embrace everything again. 
Years already have passed. Laughter, pain, is just a dream.
Nothing I can really hold. Nothing I can hold forever.
No one has enough time to waste.
Give life to something beautiful."

 B O N E   L H A M O K Y A P