Bone discovered his Gansu "brother" John Lee in 2014, who had also moved to Shanghai from the northwest highlands, and realized in him the same pure passion for his hometown root music. Both Bone and John's hometowns are located in the historical Western Xia 西夏region. Their musical elements and mountain sounds, recall the traditions from their ancient ancestors, the Tangut nation.

John began playing guitar and percussion to support Bone as he brought the Native American flutes and other elements into his music. After several years accompanying Lhamo Kyap in group performances and festivals, Bone was impressed by John's soul and dedication. In 2017 they formed their band, SREINA 司日纳 .

In 2018, Bone met Duren, a Mongolian horse-head artist. The two of them had a deep communication through music and Duren became SREINA's third band member. With his horse-head melodies he brings the heart and soul of the Mongolian grassland.

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